Remit Your Membership Dues to Remain in Good Standing

Last day to remit your unit’s initial membership portion dues to the council and district,  in order to remain in good standing, is on November 14, 2014.  The Unit Remittance form and the checks payable to the Highlands Council and the LA Tenth District must be submitted by that date.  Remember that the copy of the Unit Remittance form plus a copy of the check image from your bank serves as the receipt and must be kept with treasurer’s record.

Once your remittance has been submitted to the Tenth District, the Tenth District has to send the remittance to the State PTA by December 1, 2014.  If the State PTA does not receive your unit’s initial membership remittance by the final deadline of December 1, 2014, your unit maybe considered “Not in Good Standing” (NGS).

If the State has placed your unit as NGS, your organization will not be able to function officially as a PTA, and will be directed to stop all PTA related activities, until the NGS status has been lifted.

Don’t let this happen to your unit.  Contact the Highlands Council for assistance or additional questions.